a bit more about me

AWS, containers, automation, Linux, coding, networking and monitoring are part of my day to day. I have more than 5 years of experience in AWS Cloud platform, automation, and systems administration.
My main work is to help businesses into their digital transformation, cloud migration, and deployment automation for clients based in Europe and the United States.
My adventure started just after I graduated from university with a thesis topic focus in cloud technologies (Internet of Things).
I was also part of the Big Data research team in my university, with my Professor I wrote a thesis about Cloud Software Caches.

  • Favorite OS: Debian
  • Programming: Python and Bash. Improving Ruby, Go and Javascript ATM
  • Hobbies: Photography, Hiking, Freediving, Reading, Programming, and trying to learn to dance
  • Favourite place: Galapagos Islands
  • Wi-fe: NnikaMarie
  • Inspirational people: Cristina Abad, Linus Torvalds


Life is an adventure!
In my free time I also write in my blog about... mmm well a bit of everything.
Travel, technology, coding, beer brewing. You are welcome to join!



A picture is worth a thousand words! I love to take pictures that tell stories, bring curiosity, or give people another point of view.
Take a look at some of my pics around the world.